Custom domains

In order to use your own domain for your site, you just need to do two things:

  1. Add a statichost.yml configuration file (or edit your existing file) and add your domain via the domains property.
  2. Add a CNAME DNS record from your domain to

Note the dot at the end of the CNAME. The dot is technically required. However, some DNS providers do let you add a trailing dot. In this case, you can leave it out, and it should work correctly.


  # Primary domain
  # Domains that redirect to the primary

The domains property should be an array / list of strings. The first domain on the list is the primary domain. All the other domains on the list will redirect to the primary domain. Note that redirects will preserve the path URI for the request. On this site, for instance, will redirect to

Remember to add DNS records not only for your primary domain, but also all redirect domains.

You can add your domain(s) at any time to the configuration file - there is no need to configure DNS beforehand. In fact, we recommend that you first add your custom domains to the configuration file, build your site, and only after that change your DNS settings. When we receive the first request using your custom domain, we will create any SSL certificates and other configuration on-demand. This ensures that there is no down-time while you switch to

Note that you need to build your site after making changes to domains in order for the changes to be picked up.

Root domains

If you want to use the root of a domain (e.g. as either the primary domain or a redirect domain, a CNAME DNS record will not work. In this case - for any root domains - either use an ALIAS (or similar, depending on your DNS provider) record, or add an A record pointing to our main server at