Overview is a place for publishing your static websites in a privacy- respecting manner. We do not collect, store or process any personal information related to website visits.

Technically, using the connecting client’s IP address (which is classified as “personal data”) to respond to incoming requests classifies as “processing”. This is, however, strictly neccessary in order to actually serve website content. Also, client IP addresses only exist in server memory for a fraction of a second and are never logged anywhere.

How it works

What we do is two-fold: firstly, your site is built and deployed using our “builder” Continuous Integration (CI) platform. Secondly, your site is served to the Internet by our network of servers.

There are three steps to building your site:

  1. Clone your site’s repository
  2. Build using any static site generator (optional)
  3. Deploy static files to our edge network

You can (and should!) add your custom domain to your site and enable automatic deployments. Our edge network supports redirects, password protection, and many other features.

See the specific documentation for more details.


Our “builder” Continuous Integration (CI) platform is responsible for building and deploying your site. This is “where the magic happens” and - apart from the edge server with no personal data logging - where we believe we add value to you. You can manage your sites on the builder dashboard at:

Our edge network is responsible for serving your site to the Internet. Every server is independent from each other* and the builder platform. The edge servers use off-the-shelf server software and are designed only to host static files. Each site consists of one configuration file and one directory for the hosted content. This simplicity directly translates to reliability. (Feel free to visit our status page to see for yourself.)

Sites on our base plan all use our main datacenter located in Helsinki, Finland. On other plans, you can select which datacenter to deploy to, or deploy directly to the global CDN provided by You can and even deploy to your own server(s). Contact support for more information.

*) Managing (i.e. renewing) SSL certificates across a network of web servers still requires some coordination, but this is not required for serving content.

Adding a site

Sites can be via the dashboard. You can add many sites under the same team or account from the main page.